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Whether you’re at the casino club, playing live roulette, or playing online casino, the Roulette Dashboard app is your constant companion. Simply enter your roulette numbers from the casino into the app. Use the numerous features to analyze and develop your own roulette strategies.

Roulette wheel with numerous views

Use three views of the roulette wheel: (1.) European roulette, (2.) American roulette with double zero or (3.) a random roulette wheel. Add additional analyses. Normal: The frequency distribution of the roulette numbers in the roulette wheel. This can be used, for example, to identify roulette numbers or segments of the roulette wheel that were hit particularly often. Neighbors: The three left and right neighboring numbers of the last roulette number hit.  Croupier: The croupier’s throwing behavior or the distance to the previous roulette number in the roulette wheel.

Interactive roulette table with additional game information

Work with the interactive roulette table and directly click/press the roulette fields (e.g. a transversal) — like at the roulette table in the casino — and open related details. Immediately recognize which roulette chances were hit at the same time (e.g. for roulette number 1: Manque, Impair, Red, 1st dozen and column 34). A bar chart shows you the current game result directly on the roulette table. Two additional counters provide you with information about the number of hits and the number of missed hits.

Flat roulette wheel with number hits over time

Use the flat roulette wheel to view the sequence of number hits over time. Track where and when the roulette numbers were hit in the roulette wheel. On the far left are the oldest number hits and on the far right are the most recent.

Heatmap to identify cold and hot roulette fields.

By activating cold and hot roulette fields on the roulette table separately and/or together, you can immediately see which roulette fields are less or more active. I.e., for example, roulette numbers that have been hit less or not hit for a long time (cold roulette numbers). Or roulette numbers that have been hit more often recently (hot roulette numbers). Via the color density you can read the degree of decrease (in blue) or increase (in red) directly at the roulette table.

List for sorting all roulette chances

With a special list you can sort all roulette chances or roulette numbers. You can sort them in descending order as well as in ascending order. Sort by the number of number hits, the game result, the standard deviation (+/- 1-fold, 2-fold or 3-fold sigma) or the absence of roulette chances or roulette numbers. You can easily open the further details for each list entry.

Roulette strategies and systems

Orientate yourself on already existing roulette strategies and systems. The app already provides you with a selection of the following standards: Masse-├ęgale, Marche, Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli, Favorites, Ranking, Segment, Number Group. Note: The mentioned roulette strategies and systems do not guarantee long-term profit in roulette game. They are just already known standards in roulette game. All added roulette strategies are clearly displayed for you in a list.

Game history over time with detailed information

For all roulette chances and roulette strategies you can retrieve the corresponding game history. This consists of a chart that shows the course of the game as a result curve (profit minus loss). Next to the result curve, the minimum, the zero line and the maximum are drawn. Below the chart, further details (such as the rate and the set of numbers) can be read directly.

Alarm with upper and lower limit

Stay alert and define an alarm with an upper and lower limit to your roulette chance or roulette strategy. Your alarm will be triggered as soon as the game result falls below the lower limit or exceeds the upper limit. In addition, the alarm will be displayed as an icon in the strategy list and will be displayed differently when triggered.

Saving parallel sessions

You can create and manage multiple sessions (e.g. for different visits to the casino, a specific roulette table, or a day at the online casino). Each session will then have the associated roulette numbers stored on your smartphone or tablet. It is possible to switch between sessions as desired. The following information can be saved for each session: Name, Casino, Table, Croupier and Notes.

Import and export roulette numbers

Import or export your roulette numbers to/from the current session as a text/plein file (*.txt).

Using the app is completely free, but some additional optional features are chargeable.

We are not an online casino and we do not offer any dubious winning systems to predict the next roulette numbers!

Note: Roulette is a pure game of chance, where winning or losing depends on chance. We therefore expressly advise against playing with real money stakes. Use our app only in connection with play money (in demo mode) within legal online casinos.