Whether you’re at the casino club, playing live roulette, or playing online casino, the Roulette Dashboard App is your constant companion.

Simply enter your roulette numbers from the casino into the app.

Use the numerous features to analyze and develop your own roulette strategies.

Wheel View

Use the wheel view to check the frequency distribution of the roulette numbers in the wheel.

Identify areas of the wheel that were hit particularly frequently.

Get the three left and right neighboring numbers of the last number hit, in ascending order.

Also the roulette numbers opposite to the neighboring numbers in the wheel.


Interactive Table

The interactive table automatically marks all the last hit odds.

A bar graph on the right side shows you the current game result.

Just click on the odds — like at the roulette table in the casino — and get all the related details.



By activating the heatmap you will immediately see the cold and hot odds or roulette numbers.

I.e., the roulette numbers that have not been hit for a long time (cold numbers).

As well as roulette numbers that have been hit frequently recently (hot numbers).

This display is based on the current game result (bar on the right).


Flat Wheel

Use the flat wheel to display the hit sequence over time.

Look at where and when the roulette numbers were hit in the roulette wheel.

On the far left are the oldest hits and on the far right are the youngest hits.


Throwing list

Analyze the croupier’s throwing behavior with the throwing list.

Each list entry shows you the distance to the previous roulette number in the wheel.

The rotation of the roulette wheel is displayed on the far right.

At the top, you can then easily read where the croupier’s throws often hit the wheel when rotating left or right.


Ranking list

With the ranking list you sort all chances or roulette numbers.

You can sort in descending order as well as in ascending order.

Sort by the number of hits, the result, the standard deviation or the absence of chances or roulette numbers.

You can open the details for each list entry.


Standard deviation

A special sorting shows you the standard deviation for each chance or roulette number.

The strength of the standard deviation is shown to you 1-fold (low), 2-fold (medium) and 3-fold (high).

Both in negative and positive direction.


Roulette Systems

Use the already known roulette systems (e.g. Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli).

For each roulette system you see a result chart.

Use this as a basis for your own ideas to develop roulette strategies.

Note: We, are not yet aware of any roulette system or roulette strategy that wins at roulette in the long run. Be careful with such unserious offers!


Have fun with the Roulette Dashboard App!

Using the app is completely free, but some additional optional features are chargeable.

We are not an online casino and we do not offer dubious winning systems to predict the next roulette numbers!

Note: Roulette is a pure game of chance, where winning or losing depends on chance. We therefore expressly advise against playing with real money stakes. Use our app only in connection with play money (in demo mode) within legal online casinos.