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Additional features

  1. Saving more than three parallel sessions
  2. Import / export of roulette numbers
  3. Direct access to details of neighboring numbers
  4. Alarm with lower and upper bound
  5. Display of roulette numbers in the flat wheel
  6. Access to all standard roulette systems (Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli)
  7. Full wheel view (numbers) in the throwing list
  8. All odds and roulette numbers in the ranking list
  9. Sorting by standard deviation
  10. Full heatmap, cold and hot roulette numbers


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We are not an online casino and we also do not offer dubious winning systems to predict the next roulette numbers!

Note: Roulette is a pure game of chance, where winning or losing depends on chance. We therefore expressly advise against playing with real money stakes. Use our app only in connection with play money (in demo mode) within legal online casinos.