Premium User

As a premium user of the Roulette Dashboard app, you get access to additional features, statistics and roulette strategies.

For only €2.39 per month you get:

  1. The strategies Marche, Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli, Favorites, Ranking and Segments
  2. A function for finding deviations
  3. An alarm is triggered when the value falls below or exceeds definable limits in the result charts
  4. The import/export of roulette numbers
  5. Creating more than 3 sessions in parallel
  6. A view of the hits in the wheel over time

A detailed description can be found in our user manual.

The purchase is completely and seriously processed via the Google Play Store. The subscription is automatically renewed every month, but can be cancelled at any time.

After cancellation you will automatically become a basic user again. You can then become a premium user again at any time if you wish.

Note: We do not offer a roulette system that promises a sustainable profit in roulette. We consider this to be dubious. The roulette strategies mentioned above are standards already known from literature. We are not a casino and do not offer real money gambling.